Why Your Comfort Matters

Doulas are endlessly asked what we do – and it doesn’t bother us. We love coming up with new ways to describe what we do. Each birth or pregnancy transition gives new layers and texture.


While a midwife or physician cares for a patient’s physical pregnancy (the “bottom half”), a doula cares for a client’s emotional, physical, mental needs (the “top half”). To put it in more bland technical language, we are non-medical healthcare support for pregnancy transitions (and wellness needs).


A better way to describe it?


We assist in helping finalize a birth plan, ensure that questions are answered and provide knowledge around birth and postpartum. We stay on call for y’all starting at 37 weeks because babies come on their own time! We’ve each got our own doula kit, that may have (who am I kidding – DEFINITELY has) essential oils, maybe a birthing ball or peanut, or a rebozo. We’re ready to get in the trenches with you, while taking care of the things around you so you can stay focused on having that baby!


Massaging the hips, peppermint oil to soothe nausea, suggesting different positions to help you get comfortable, making sure you understand and are consenting to what is happening, holding space for you and your partner to share the experience together without worry around all the details…


…and someone to look at and say: this shit is crazy why did I even decide to have a baby I’m going home now – for your doula to be able to look back at you and say: yup this shit is crazy but you are totally going to have a baby and you’re going to get through this because you are AMAZING.


So all of that is pretty great, right? But why should you GET a doula?


You should get a doula because you should believe in the idea that your comfort matters.


As a belly swells, there are a lot of emotions (like, a million). Let’s not make a super gushy narrative out of pregnancy – sometimes that belly, squishing your bladder and stomach, does not feel like the blessed adventure you hoped it would. And yet, in a quiet moment when you place your hands on your stomach, one of the things you want most is to provide this being with love, beauty, happiness, and comfort.


How many of us have grown up, faces literally looking up, at our mothers who didn’t offer themselves comfort. We then have spent years of our adulthood unraveling so much – how we feel about our bodies, our eating patterns, what we wear and how we wear it, how to affirm our feelings, how to stand our ground.



You deserve comfort. To feel comforted, held, cared for. On the day you birth your baby, you deserve to birth them from a place where you have felt carried through – where you were able to focus on birthing your precious little one, had gentle guidance through your birth plan when there are questions or changes, were provided nurturing along the way, and given encouragement when it all felt like too much,


You deserve the comfort of the ability to go into your deep heart space to bring your baby into the world. A doula is a deep heart worker. A doula will carry you through.

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