Deeply in love with the midwest flatlands, the founder of Bread and Roses Doula Care, Liam, lives in northern Indiana with her wife, two dogs, and very particular cat. She is committed to the craft of holding space for those having a pregnancy experience of any kind. Liam earned a General Studies degree from Indiana University, with double minors in Gender Studies and Sociology, with a course concentration in Health promotion. She has seven years of experience in direct care services in abortion and miscarriage management, as both a patient educator and counselor, and as a clinic manager. She has also been active in grassroots reproductive justice work, to provide every person in her community experiencing pregnancy and parenthood the ability to both survive and thrive. The deeply held belief that we all deserve bread, but roses, too, is the thread throughout her work as a doula, a wife and family member, and a good citizen and member of her community.