Miscarriage and Loss Resources

miscarriage p loss

A miscarriage and pregnancy loss is one of the most difficult things to go through on the planet. Please know that you are not alone. 1 in 4 womxn experience a miscarriage. Every miscarriage is different, and has its own process. It can be physically quick or sometimes take several days or a couple weeks. This is a simple list for your needs at home. Should you want a doula with you during this process, during doctor’s appointments, or any induction or procedure, I’m all yours.

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Your Body
for bleeding Overnight pads
for cramping Heating pad
for cramping: take 800mg every 8 hours Ibuprofen
to settle the stomach Crackers
for nausea Peppermint tea
Ginger tea
to calm
to strenghthen the uterus and ease cramping
for comfort
For Your Heart
someone to talk to All Options
meditation Simple Habit
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