Mission and Values

Bread and Roses full spectrum doula care offers you guidance and support, creating a welcome and open space during journeys to parenthood, pregnancy transitions, and health and wellness.

Values you can count on:

Honoring Your Experience

Each person, pregnancy, and family is unique. Keeping the one who is pregnant at the center, and honoring their intuition, wants, needs, and decisions to create a satisfying and empowering pregnancy and birth experience.

LGBTQIA Affirming

Supportive of LGBTQIA people and families, and competent in meeting your needs; providing a space in which your experiences are seen and honored.


Aware of the disparity and proactive in the needs of people and mothers of color who experience higher instances of maternal health problems during and after pregnancy in the United States.


Stigma and judgement free care: there are no expectations of what your pregnancy decisions should be. Full spectrum doulas provide support in any pregnancy transition, including the case of a miscarriage, a pregnancy loss, or choosing to end a pregnancy. Everyone deserves support during a pregnancy transition should they want it.


Based in South Bend, Indiana, Bread and Roses provides services to clients throughout the state and surrounding areas, like Chicagoland, Indianapolis, and Southern Michigan.