Investment & Payment Options

Inviting a doula into your experience has so much to offer you: physical and emotional support, education, and presence to guide you on your journey.

The truth? Doulas can sometimes be expensive. You have other expenses on your mind. This can be a real challenge because more and more research shows doulas benefit you, your journey, and your family.

My philosophy: I would rather you have a doula than not have a doula.

While holding in the balance that doulas spend time and effort to provide you the best services possible, payment plans and sliding scale options are available to you – no financial information is required; the honor system works just fine.


Credit card, Paypal, a gift card, and cash are all accepted.

Pay in full:

2/3 of the investment at time of hire, 1/3 at completion of services rendered.

10% discount for entire payment made in full in one payment

Payment plan:

3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Sliding scale:

An option for a customized plan that accommodates your needs.