Investment & Payment Options

The truth? Doulas can be expensive, and are rarely covered by insurance. You have other expenses being balanced in your mind, like taking time off of work, whether that is paid or unpaid, expenses around your new baby or your journey in a path to parenthood, among other financial decisions. This pretty much sucks, because more and more research shows doulas benefit you, your pregnancy journey, and your family.

My philosophy: I would rather you have a doula than not have a doula.

Inviting a doula into your experience has so much to offer you: peace of mind, heart and body support, time invested in making sure you feel educated and reassured along the way, and time spent afterward during healing and transition.

While holding in the balance that doulas spend time and effort to provide you the best services possible, do not hesitate if you have financial restrictions to affording the fees. Payment plans and sliding scale options are available to you – no financial information is required; the honor system works just fine.

Credit card, Paypal, a gift card, and cash are all accepted.

Pay in full:

2/3 of the investment at time of hire, 1/3 at completion of services rendered.

15% discount for entire payment made in full in one payment

Payment plan:

3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Sliding scale:

An option for a customized plan that accommodates your needs.