all about your doula

First of all, I hold the sacred with the nitty gritty reality. Let’s keep it real and let go of the heavy expectations around having the perfect birth or experience.

I don’t believe in perfection; I believe in the realness and richness of your experience.

I’m deeply in love with the midwest flatlands, and live in northern Indiana with my wife, two dogs, and very particular cat.

I’m committed to the craft of holding space for those having a pregnancy experience of any kind. The deeply held belief that we all deserve bread, but roses, too, is the thread throughout my work as a doula.

I have almost a decade of experience in direct care services in women’s health as an educator, counselor, and manager – as well as scrubs and gloves, getting down to the facts of the matter when assisting practitioners!

Alongside almost a decade of experience, I had childbirth and postpartum training though Doula Trainings International. During my career, I have been, and continue to be, active in grassroots reproductive justice, working to provide every person in her community experiencing pregnancy and parenthood the ability to both survive and thrive.

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